1. theportofcall:

    magical mornings, somewhere california. 

  2. Sail. Saint Helens, Oregon

    been staring at this all day long, hopefully lots more sailing next week!!!! I can hardly contain myself. 

  3. wedding crunch time. when was the wedding not crunch time. 

    please excuse the imperfections. 

    inspired by this jill and matt invite.


  4. theportofcall:

    The fish in the fishbowl, he gets me.

    get it here

  5. All day, every day.


  6. "You call me out upon the waters

    The great unknown where feet may fail

    And there I find You in the mystery

    In oceans deep

    My faith will stand

    And I will call upon Your name

    And keep my eyes above the waves

    When oceans rise

    My soul will rest in Your embrace

    For I am Yours and You are mine” 

    Oceans- Hillsong


  7. what a lovely day for a sail. 

    st. helens, oregon

  8. summer cruisin’. california

  9. theportofcall:

    white door, red brick in new york. 

  10. collect moments, not things.